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OV Capital, the Wealth and Investment Management firm serving the DC Metropolitan Area. This page offers a Free Retirement Calculator and Free Risk Assessment tools.
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An independent Registered Investment Advisor firm

Exceptional Without Exception

OV Capital provides Individualized Wealth Management Solutions on a “fee-only” basis. Unlike traditional brokers, we have a Fiduciary Duty of “Undivided Loyalty and Utmost Good Faith” strictly binding us to the best interest of our clients, never to outside corporate interests.

The Fiduciary Relationship

It’s all about trust. It is more than the “ordinary care of the marketplace,” it is the special arrangement that breeds confidence. It comes from knowing that the professional you hire is working for your best interest. We see this between doctors and patients, between lawyers and clients, and it is the same standard care to which Registered Investment Advisors at OV Capital are held. We are here to put your needs first. And isn’t that why you wanted an advisor in the first place?

Wealth Management Solutions

More than just Investment Advice, at OV Capital Wealth Management means that we look at your whole financial picture to develop a plan that suits your current and future needs. Investments and investment management is a large part of growing your wealth, but with our network of experts, we tailor your financial road map to your success and the success of future generation. Whether through a Simple Financial Plan , Trust and Estate planning, Gifting Strategies to sophisticated  Options and Hedge Strategies, our focus is on your success.

Independent, not Alone

Choosing to put our clients interests ahead of big corporate brokerage interests doesn’t mean we have to go it alone. We leverage the latest technology available with the support of some of the largest custodians in the business to provide world class solutions for our clients. This means we have the ability to bring the RIGHT solutions to help achieve your goals. And with the latest fundamental research from leading independent research firms, you know that the top investment minds in the business are working toward your financial success.

Retirement Planning Investment Management Retirement Calculator

A Passion for Results


Founded in 2008, and forged in the tumult of the Financial Crisis, OV Capital delivers success to our clients by providing integrated financial planning, timely advice, and world class investment management.


Located in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria, OV Capital works with individuals and families primarily in the National Capital area, to help achieve their financial goals.


A financial plan not only looks to the future, but balances your current needs and objectives with your income and expenditures. It should be flexible to evolve and grow as your life and goals change. A financial plan that is tailored to your specific needs is more important than ever. While many people may have similar of goals the path toward achieving those objectives may vary dramatically from person to person. We constantly review the implementation of your investments to ensure you are accomplishing your financial goals.


The easiest way to get started is to give us a call at 855-691-8800 to schedule an appointment. There is no obligation, and we will be happy to discuss your personal situation in a pressure free environment. If you would like to get an idea of how your current investments are working for you, why not try our Free Risk Assesment powered by Riskalyze® or our Free Retirement Calculator available at the top of this page?

Our Investment Philosophy

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Your Journey to Financial Success Starts with a First Step


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